Failed Mayo

What do I do on a Friday night? I hastily try to make some home made mayo. So I barely skimmed ingredients on various websites and decided I didn’t need to do anymore research. Also, I kinda stink at measuring stuff, I just can’t be bothered to measure so I throw things together based on taste= big mistake with mayo.

I roughly threw together 3 eggs, lemon juice, a small amount of cultured sour cream ( I thought, “what the heck?”), apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and extra virgin olive oil. It turned out thin liquid.. hmmm that wasn’t going to work because I was going to make a broccoli slaw. Ok so back to Google.

You need to first let the ingredients reach room temperature… OOPS. Next time I’d like to follow the actual directions and make this:

How can you go wrong with Macadamia oil? Need to get a bottle, STAT.

I really dislike to waste things so I took my messed up experiment and added gelatin. LOL. It def thickened up and doesn’t taste half bad! Time to make broccoli slaw.

Happy Friday the 13th.

Uh oh, I decided I deserved a beer today……

Green tea/Lime Jello

—Originally posted on Blogger in August 2013—

Life is good. Today I start my vacation for two weeks. No homework, no practicum. Ah Bliss. My house can finally get the deep clean it deserves. I wanted to share with you a tasty tasty recipe I came up with this morning. Enjoy.

I am a huge green tea drinker. So this recipe was perfectly refreshing and energizing. You get your shot of Vit. C and protein.
UPDATE: I would add more water/green tea to the jello mixture. Mine came out a bit dense but I happen to like that. 

Lastly, Jakers has started soccer again (4th year!) and I am so amazed at how he rocks it! Go Team Shockwave!

Photo: Soccer practice go jakers :)

An ER visit and nerves

—Originally published on Blogger in August 2013—

Last night we ended up in Everett because Hanna fell out of a fig tree. Oh that girl. Interestingly enough she commented that “an inside of a fig, looks like the inside of my thigh” because she punctured her inner thigh on a metal pole. Yup. 30 stitches inside and out. My poor girl. When I got the call from her mom’s bf that was prefaced with “Don’t freak out,” I instantly wished that teleportation was a real thing.

Its really difficult to live over an hour away from your kiddos. She was such a trooper, so calm and my heart just felt like bursting seeing her smile as she was laying there in the hospital room. Tough, tough kiddo!

I just started up a FB fan page.. not exactly sure what I’m doing but here it is:

In other news, I’ve been dreading tomorrow as I have a school evaluation and then court where I won’t get off the hook this time (last time, I just smiled and nodded at the judge). This time I will have to give the social worker update to the court on the family, at the same time as recommending “partial compliance and no progress.” Really hate being the “bad guy.” Working for the Children’s Administration is going to be constantly showing me things about myself…. I’m both happy and… nervous.

On to the eats department:

I have noticed a HUGE significant decrease in my appetite, normally I’m a voracious beast but I’m satisfied with less and I’ve had to make myself eat meals. I’m going to explore that more in depth in a later post but here is an interesting concoction Connor and I whipped up today:

Chocolate/Orange Jello -with Mango
  • 2 tbsp gelatin
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 1 cup fresh squeezed clementine orange juice
  • 10 drops chocolate stevia
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped frozen mango

I really wish I had this mold to make some cute jello shapes but I just threw it in a glass bowl and shoved it in fridge and VOILA, an hour later a yummy treat, Connor approved.

To help me relax and prepare for tomorrow I’ve indulged in sitting on my rump working on this blog, enjoying one of my fav male artists, Mike Patton.. So Faith No More, Lovage, and Elysian Fields have been soothing me.

Tomorrow I will post about a lovely Apple/cinammon detox drink I whipped up! Stay tuned. 


Over indulgence and gelatin

—Originally posted on Blogger in August 2013—


Yesterday was busy. It was a loooong day at practicum 7:45-5. I found out I will be presenting in court on Thursday after I have a school evaluation. SWEET. (imagine a snarky tone there) Had class 6:30-8:45 but the bright side was ending my night having dinner with my friends Liz, Maylin, and Jeanette at Red Robin. Ohhhhhh the carbs I ingested.. Half a BLTA (avocado) croissant and french fries, 2 vodka tonics with lemon and lime… and then came dessert.. some huge mud pie concoction with an oreo crust. And the best part about it.. I’m not beating myself up! Normally I’d sulk and feel like poo for having over indulged but I woke up with no tummy ache (which I thought I would) and have gotten right back on track. In fact I have not felt hungry today so I have yet to eat something solid but I’ve been back to experimenting with smoothies/drinks.

Here’s the lineup:
Breakfast: My super beauty tonic (see previous post for recipe) tweaked a bit. I excluded the spinach and vitamin c packet and went for almond milk, strawberries with green tops,  couple drops of vanilla stevia and bee pollen and maca powder
Lunch: Still not hungry, decided to do a salt water flush. I know it wasn’t the ideal time, (early morning supposed to be best) but it felt right. 1 qt warm water with 2 tsp Pink Himalayan salt and 1 tsp Ginger powder.
Snack: Tea: Strawberry-chocolate rooibos tea blended (in the baby bullet) with coconut milk, coconut oil, chocolate stevia and…. GELATIN! Wowser, it was a delicious drink. Next time I will add a pinch of cinnamon. 
Dinner: Will be a large salad with a baked sweet potato with ghee
Here is an article that piqued my interest in this product:
And this recipe in particular grabbed my attention. I want to make these for the kiddos: This picture is from the Wellness Mama site. Click the picture to go to her page: 
Healthy Homemade Fruit Snacks Recipe Homemade Fruit Snacks
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