Today’s food experiments…

Today was a particularly hard day, as we received news back from my Dad’s doc that he is indeed diagnosed with Usual Interstitial Pneumonia (UIP, which is a progressive lung disease) and I have spent the vast part of the day researching like crazy for a good healing protocol. I’m most undoubtedly an optimistic person so I was convinced I could throw together a great plan of attack, but what I kept running across in the articles was less than positive. I then proceeded to throw myself into some very vigorous housecleaning to help calm my mind and refocus myself. So I didn’t find anything great about UIP? Well, I can surely help my dad ease into a healthier eating plan and exercise routine. That I can do! And he can do! (maybe with a bit of drill sergeant yelling).

Let’s proceed to the eats department:

Up first is a Connor approved smoothie:


And for lunch we enjoyed this:




Today I have also enjoyed:

  • Dessert smoothie: 1 cup grassfed full fat milk, 1 dark chocolate (88% cocoa), few frozen blueberries, maca powder, MSM powder, raw maple almond butter, ev coco oil, gelatin, spinach. Not bad, but not great. Our baby bullet is dying on us so my drink was pretty chunky. 
  • 2 lightly scrambled eggs with horseradish mustard, ghee, and a tiny drizzle of full fat coco milk with a huge heaping side of spinach
  • Green tea 
  • Cucumber/lemon water
  • 33 minutes of FItness Blender No Burpee Cardio HIIT
  • 1 hour of intense vacuuming, oven cleaning, re-organized closets and general following after Connor to pick up his trail of destruction

And I end with:


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Quickie post.. and upcoming review

This weekend was tiring, even though I’ve attempted to be as lazy as possible. I start back to practicum tomorrow. Hooray for only 3 quarters left! I recently received some coupons from KeVita (awesome company with great customer service) and I ventured out and got me some goodies and will post a review on their product tomorrow. I’d like to put up front that, while I did receive a coupon for the product, I have been in love with their products forever! And no coupon would ever influence me to say something good about a yucky product. Well with that said……

I leave with a cute collage of my boys and their cousins over the weekend… Goodnight all and I hope Monday brings wonderfully awesome things.. Stay tuned for a KeVita review and a possible chance to score your own coupon to try some yummy stuff.