Quickie post.. and upcoming review

This weekend was tiring, even though I’ve attempted to be as lazy as possible. I start back to practicum tomorrow. Hooray for only 3 quarters left! I recently received some coupons from KeVita (awesome company with great customer service) and I ventured out and got me some goodies and will post a review on their product tomorrow. I’d like to put up front that, while I did receive a coupon for the product, I have been in love with their products forever! And no coupon would ever influence me to say something good about a yucky product. Well with that said……

I leave with a cute collage of my boys and their cousins over the weekend… Goodnight all and I hope Monday brings wonderfully awesome things.. Stay tuned for a KeVita review and a possible chance to score your own coupon to try some yummy stuff.


Super Peach Tea drink (Inspired by Bulletproof Coffee)

WOW. Time flies. I’m at the end of my vacation and it has been busy. Jake went back to school this past Wednesday (3rd grade) and my dad had a double lung biopsy so my plate (head) has been full. I only managed, thus far, to squeeze in that ONE yoga workout. But the news from Dad’s biopsy is good (after a gigantic scare) so I’m slowly working on taking care of myself. I have 2 days left until I go back to practicum and Jake has a soccer game in a few hours (Go Team Shockwave). I’m uber excited, kid’s soccer games are so freaking fun.

I wanted to come back from my blogging hiatus with a delicious drink recipe inspired by Bulletproof coffee.

Without further ado:






So a little info on the cow’s milk from their website: (Note: I have been an avid coconut/almond milk drinker but I saw this brand at Fred Meyers and really wanted to try it. The taste is amazing but I am watching my body to see how it responds, generally when I consume cow milk I break out)

  • Organic Valley Grassmilk is artisanal quality 100% grass-fed milk produced by cows that eat only fresh grasses and dried forages, like hay. They are never fed supplemental grains or soybeans.

  • Minimally pasteurized and not homogenized, Grassmilk still has the cream on top the way nature intended. Just shake it up before you pour.

  • Long days in the pasture mean our 100% grass-fed cows’ milk naturally delivers a bigger dose of Omega-3 and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) than conventional milk.

  • Like single-vineyard wines or artisanal chocolate, the taste of Grassmilk is a result of where the cows live and what they eat: The Northern California coastal plain. Giant redwoods stand sentinel between the Pacific Ocean and the lush pastures where Grassmilk cows dine.

  • You wouldn’t put them on your table, so we never use antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMO anything.

  • Always from family farms committed to the highest organic standards, from generations of farming wisdom. We are your neighbors, a national cooperative of real farmers growing real food the right way.

I have to tell you, the taste is amazing and I was never a cow milk drinker.. EVER!

I drank this tea for breakfast and I am 100% satisfied, this will definitely be a staple recipe that has so many promising tweaks. For instance, you could add maca powder. I’m positively giddy over the billion concoctions I am going to try. Stay tuned for some more recipes!!!


I leave you with some family pics:




More info on going Paleo

So one thing I sorta still struggle with is cooking and buying meat. I just plain don’t like buying meat at the grocery store, it looks gross.  I’m good with buying salmon and maybe some ground beef but holy smokes! the price for “grass-fed” beef is ridiculous. 

I was not a perfect Vegan by any means but I did struggle with here and there meat/butter cravings. And I gave in when they were overwhelming. I went Vegan after watching Earthlings which was a great documentary. At the time I felt like animal protein was evil, health wise, for our planet, and well… for the animals! 


I still struggle with the idea of mass production/farming/slaughter and like to think in my head about happy farms with animals roaming freely being treated with respect and let’s face it.. slaughter is slaughter.  While I know there are farms like this that exist, its not the norm. 

I can read research articles until my eyes pop out of my head about meat being good and being bad but what it really comes down to is… the health of my family. I’m really trying to dial our eating to be as healthy as possible yet money is always a huge factor. 

I’ve been searching for local farms that have pastured eggs and grass fed beef at a reasonable price but haven’t nailed anything down yet. For instance, I bought grass fed ground bison at Fred Meyers for like 8 bucks.. that was only 1 meal that fed Oliver, Jake, Connor and I. Wouldn’t have worked if Hanna and Ollie were here. (Jake absolutely loved the bison, he requested that I cook that a whole lot more)

So these are the challenges I am facing: Budget and well the “yuck/slight guilt” factor. 

One of my favorite blogs (Kristen Suzanne) chronicled her transition from Raw Vegan to Omnivore. Its a great read and I highly recommend it, she has tons of yummy yummy recipes. Through her site, I discovered the BulletProof Diet. This sounds very gimmicky to me but a quick browse through his website looks promising. 

Here’s some information from their website:

14 Steps To Eating The Bulletproof Diet

1. Eliminate sugar (including fruit juices and sports drinks that contain HFCS, honey, and agave) .

2. Replace the sugar calories with healthy fats from the Bulletproof Diet such as grass-fed butter, ghee, and MCT or coconut oil.

3. Eliminate gluten in any shape or form.  This includes bread, cereal, and pasta.  Do not make the mistake of resorting to gluten free junk food, which can be almost as bad.

4. Remove grains, grain derived oils, and vegetable oils such as corn, soy, and canola.  Also remove unstable polyunsaturated oils such as walnut, flax, and peanut oil.

5. Eliminate all synthetic additives, colorings, and flavorings.  This includes aspartame, MSG, dyes, and artificial flavorings.

6. Eat significant amounts of pastured, grass-fed meat from big ruminant animals such as beef, lamb, and bison.  Pair this with fish, eggs, and shellfish.

7. Eliminate legumes such as peanuts, beans, and lentils.  If you must have your beans, soak, sprout (or ferment), and cook them.

8. Remove all processed, homogenized, and pasteurized dairy.  High fat items can be pasteurized, but they should be grass-fed.  Full fat, raw, whole dairy from grass-fed cows is okay for most people.

9. Switch to grass-fed meat and wild caught seafood.  Eat pastured eggs and some pork, chickens, turkeys, and ducks.

10. Switch to organic fruits and vegetables.  This is more important for some plants than others.  See this site for details.

11. Cook your food gently, if at all.  Incorporate water into your cooking whenever possible and use low temperatures.  Do not use a microwave or fry.

12. Limit fruit consumption to 1-2 servings per day.  Favor low fructose containing fruits like berries and lemons over watermelon and apples.

13. Add spices and other flavorings from the Bulletproof Diet.  Favor herb based spices such as thyme and rosemary over powders. Use high quality ones, recently opened.

14. Enjoy your food.  (I particularly like this one!)


I just borrowed this book from Amazon and will review it when done. (I super ❤ Amazon Prime)

Anyone else read this? Thoughts?


Hatha Yoga and Apple Cider Vinegar

I want to share with you my simply awesome indulgences today. I didn’t clean house (gasp). Today I focused on the kids, my bf and MEEEEE! We spent quite a bit of time at the park today. Connor absolutely refused to leave and I literally carried his screaming body to the car. Oh to be 2.  Sometimes I feel like that…. like when I have to get out of bed.. just kidding.


I have done Yoga sporadically over the years, just like most things, I’ve had periods of really sticking with it and then finding I only do it a couple times a month to lately…. I went to Yoga with a friend in JUNE! And now its the end of August. A couple weeks ago I got an awesome Living Social deal for 10 classes so I’m dedicated to using those up. I do believe they expire in October.

Here is a description of Hatha yoga from the place I go:

HOT HATHA: A systemic practice of 26 held postures and two breathing exercises. Practicing at least 3 times a week will build strength, range of motion, stamina, balance, flexibility, and clarity of mind. (103-105 degrees)

It was pure wonderful-ness. It was really challenging but the way I feel after is like I just climbed Mt. Everest! I conquered that 90 minutes of balancing and twisting my body. And it felt good. Not to mention the yoga instructor came around and pushed on my back and hips and I felt something “click” and the hip pain I have been experiencing since the Zombie Run vanished.

Ljpasion writes:

The practice of Hatha Yoga can help you recognize your hidden physical and mental potentials. Through the continued performance of Asanas, you will gain flexibility and strength, and learn to be more relaxed under otherwise stressful situations. Hatha Yoga’s Relaxation Exercises will open the energy channels, which in turn allows spiritual energy to flow freely. Some Hatha yoga poses also massage and tone your internal organs, helping to prevent diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension. They also bring balance to internal and glandular functions. Pranayama, on the other hand, can help manage asthma and bronchitis. Hatha Yoga can also help you cope with stress, relieve tension, and deal with anxiety and depression. More importantly, it will help you put your mind in a focused state to prepare for Meditation and, eventually, the search for enlightenment.

After my class I came home and took a long bath. And yes what I’m about to write, many may scratch their head, but I took an apple cider vinegar bath. Yes I’m crunchy granola like that. 😉

Here are some reported benefits to using Apple Cider Vinegar.

So I run a very hot bath, add a healthy dose of ACV (I rarely measure anything but I assume 1/2 to 1 cup would be good) and a few drops of essential oil. And then sigh, sip tea, and relax.

Here is a recipe for my calming tea.

  • Boil tea of choice: I used Chocolate Strawberry Rooibos
  • Put into Baby Bullet (or other blender) and add your milk of choice: I used unsweetened almond milk: About 1/2 cup. You can adjust this based on how creamy you would like your tea
  • Add dash of cinnamon, and sweetener of choice: I used vanilla stevia
  • Add 1tsp on up of Greater Lakes Gelatin: You can add more depending on if you are used to it/like it. Please if you are interested in this product check out my “Let’s go shopping” link on the Right Sidebar. (Disclaimer: I am not paid to promote this brand, although I think it is pretty radtastic, but it is an affiliate link and I will receive a small commission)
      • Blend, pour, sigh, enjoy!

If you would like some more information on gelatin, I highly recommend this site: Wellness Mama. Her site inspired me to try a Paleo lifestyle and it is just generally an awesome site chockful of yummy recipes and information. I think I have most of my pins on pinterest from her site.

Stick with it-ness

So according to Wellness Mama, I am on day 28 of going Paleo. And while I have had 3-4 day stretches of doing great, I haven’t completely done the 28 days and I really want to stick with it. I really do feel wonderful on it. So why do people (mostly myself) have issues with making change?

Here is an interesting tidbit about change from Stephen Light via Elephant Journal:

Our emotions drive our behaviors, and our behaviors create certain chemicals specific to those behaviors. The body gets used to these chemicals and eventually starts becoming dependent on them.

This is when change becomes hard.

When we try to change our behavior, we are fighting a to cause an imbalance to a chemical balance in our body. We want a change in behavior that does not produce the chemicals our bodies have become dependent on. Our bodies fight our attempts to change on a chemical level, and change becomes hard.


So that was an interesting perspective. I totally buy into the emotion thing. I get upset, I eat something I know I shouldn’t. OR there is always some occasion/meeting/birthday that requires a “splurge.” 

So I continue to try to make sense of my brain/emotions/cravings to apply principles of healthy eating to my diet. 

Stephen Light also comments that:

But we can change if we are conscious and intentional about the change.

Now that we know what is happening inside of us, we do not have to feed it. We will get over the discomfort. The more we consciously choose to be different, the fewer chemical cocktails and receptors we produce.

The cravings for your addiction lessen, and you change.

So, be aware that change is challenging and be hopeful that it is possible with conscious choice.

You have the ability to change, you just have to be serious about it and have a big enough why to stay motivated.

 Ok. I’m conscious. I’m intentional. Weeeeee here I go. 🙂

I’ll end this post with 17 Arse-Kicking strategies ( by Leo Babuta) to stick to your diet and get fit:

1. Know your motivation

2. Take it in gradual steps

3. Don’t be drastic

4. Choose foods you love

5. Pack food.

6. Eat before you go

7. Don’t get hungry.

8. Choose healthy when you eat out

9. Indulge in little bits.

10. Eat small portions when you go out

11. Have tasty substitutes for your weaknesses.

12. Clear your home of unhealthy snacks and foods

13. Bring your own healthy food to a party

14. Fill yourself up with water, fruits, veggies, and lean protein at a party

15. Don’t stuff yourself

16. Don’t starve yourself.

17. If you indulge, burn it off.




Ode to my Pinterest

Oh how I love thee, yet you sit there mocking my lazy self because I have the energy to pin you yet I have never made the recipes.

My goal is to compile a grocery list of ingredients and tackle 2 recipes. Will post about what I chose.

If you’d like you can go take a look at all the lovely scrumptious goodies that tantalize me at: 

Have a supercalifragilisticexpialadocious day. 🙂

Super duper pre-workout smoothie

–Originally posted in Blogger in August 2013–

Holy smokes, 2 posts in 1 day? Yup I am on vacation. Cheers. 
I really needed to get back into the workout frame of mind, I always feel so much more balanced and happy. So here goes.

Here is a Super Duper Pre-Workout Smoothie (Think Mint Chocolate milk)

I completed 45 minutes of Fitness Blender Workout #40. And the post work out, munched on some green tea jello. Oh vacation, how I love thee. 


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