Hatha Yoga and Apple Cider Vinegar

I want to share with you my simply awesome indulgences today. I didn’t clean house (gasp). Today I focused on the kids, my bf and MEEEEE! We spent quite a bit of time at the park today. Connor absolutely refused to leave and I literally carried his screaming body to the car. Oh to be 2.  Sometimes I feel like that…. like when I have to get out of bed.. just kidding.


I have done Yoga sporadically over the years, just like most things, I’ve had periods of really sticking with it and then finding I only do it a couple times a month to lately…. I went to Yoga with a friend in JUNE! And now its the end of August. A couple weeks ago I got an awesome Living Social deal for 10 classes so I’m dedicated to using those up. I do believe they expire in October.

Here is a description of Hatha yoga from the place I go:

HOT HATHA: A systemic practice of 26 held postures and two breathing exercises. Practicing at least 3 times a week will build strength, range of motion, stamina, balance, flexibility, and clarity of mind. (103-105 degrees)

It was pure wonderful-ness. It was really challenging but the way I feel after is like I just climbed Mt. Everest! I conquered that 90 minutes of balancing and twisting my body. And it felt good. Not to mention the yoga instructor came around and pushed on my back and hips and I felt something “click” and the hip pain I have been experiencing since the Zombie Run vanished.

Ljpasion writes:

The practice of Hatha Yoga can help you recognize your hidden physical and mental potentials. Through the continued performance of Asanas, you will gain flexibility and strength, and learn to be more relaxed under otherwise stressful situations. Hatha Yoga’s Relaxation Exercises will open the energy channels, which in turn allows spiritual energy to flow freely. Some Hatha yoga poses also massage and tone your internal organs, helping to prevent diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension. They also bring balance to internal and glandular functions. Pranayama, on the other hand, can help manage asthma and bronchitis. Hatha Yoga can also help you cope with stress, relieve tension, and deal with anxiety and depression. More importantly, it will help you put your mind in a focused state to prepare for Meditation and, eventually, the search for enlightenment.

After my class I came home and took a long bath. And yes what I’m about to write, many may scratch their head, but I took an apple cider vinegar bath. Yes I’m crunchy granola like that. 😉

Here are some reported benefits to using Apple Cider Vinegar.

So I run a very hot bath, add a healthy dose of ACV (I rarely measure anything but I assume 1/2 to 1 cup would be good) and a few drops of essential oil. And then sigh, sip tea, and relax.

Here is a recipe for my calming tea.

  • Boil tea of choice: I used Chocolate Strawberry Rooibos
  • Put into Baby Bullet (or other blender) and add your milk of choice: I used unsweetened almond milk: About 1/2 cup. You can adjust this based on how creamy you would like your tea
  • Add dash of cinnamon, and sweetener of choice: I used vanilla stevia
  • Add 1tsp on up of Greater Lakes Gelatin: You can add more depending on if you are used to it/like it. Please if you are interested in this product check out my “Let’s go shopping” link on the Right Sidebar. (Disclaimer: I am not paid to promote this brand, although I think it is pretty radtastic, but it is an affiliate link and I will receive a small commission)
      • Blend, pour, sigh, enjoy!

If you would like some more information on gelatin, I highly recommend this site: Wellness Mama. Her site inspired me to try a Paleo lifestyle and it is just generally an awesome site chockful of yummy recipes and information. I think I have most of my pins on pinterest from her site.

4 thoughts on “Hatha Yoga and Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. you really know how to take care of yourself! never thought of adding acv to my bath! i do use it for rinsing my hair and washing my face. the smell isn’t the best but the health benefits i like.

    nice tea recipe. i just picked up yerba mate. it’s pretty good.

    i bought a yoga class deal months ago and it expires soon. i better get on that!

    screaming babies leaving parks – used to deal with it all the time. now i give them 10 minute warnings. let them know we are going to leave soon and go home and do something fun. then when it’s time to go they’re not thinking of how sad it is to leave but how much fun it will be to go home and make a fruit salad together.=)

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