Stick with it-ness

So according to Wellness Mama, I am on day 28 of going Paleo. And while I have had 3-4 day stretches of doing great, I haven’t completely done the 28 days and I really want to stick with it. I really do feel wonderful on it. So why do people (mostly myself) have issues with making change?

Here is an interesting tidbit about change from Stephen Light via Elephant Journal:

Our emotions drive our behaviors, and our behaviors create certain chemicals specific to those behaviors. The body gets used to these chemicals and eventually starts becoming dependent on them.

This is when change becomes hard.

When we try to change our behavior, we are fighting a to cause an imbalance to a chemical balance in our body. We want a change in behavior that does not produce the chemicals our bodies have become dependent on. Our bodies fight our attempts to change on a chemical level, and change becomes hard.


So that was an interesting perspective. I totally buy into the emotion thing. I get upset, I eat something I know I shouldn’t. OR there is always some occasion/meeting/birthday that requires a “splurge.” 

So I continue to try to make sense of my brain/emotions/cravings to apply principles of healthy eating to my diet. 

Stephen Light also comments that:

But we can change if we are conscious and intentional about the change.

Now that we know what is happening inside of us, we do not have to feed it. We will get over the discomfort. The more we consciously choose to be different, the fewer chemical cocktails and receptors we produce.

The cravings for your addiction lessen, and you change.

So, be aware that change is challenging and be hopeful that it is possible with conscious choice.

You have the ability to change, you just have to be serious about it and have a big enough why to stay motivated.

 Ok. I’m conscious. I’m intentional. Weeeeee here I go. 🙂

I’ll end this post with 17 Arse-Kicking strategies ( by Leo Babuta) to stick to your diet and get fit:

1. Know your motivation

2. Take it in gradual steps

3. Don’t be drastic

4. Choose foods you love

5. Pack food.

6. Eat before you go

7. Don’t get hungry.

8. Choose healthy when you eat out

9. Indulge in little bits.

10. Eat small portions when you go out

11. Have tasty substitutes for your weaknesses.

12. Clear your home of unhealthy snacks and foods

13. Bring your own healthy food to a party

14. Fill yourself up with water, fruits, veggies, and lean protein at a party

15. Don’t stuff yourself

16. Don’t starve yourself.

17. If you indulge, burn it off.




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