Well I did it.. a ghee smoothie!

—-Originally posted on Blogger in August 2013—–

I got majorly off track the last few days, I even ate pizza the other night with the boys. My tummy hated me. It was the start to my girly time and yeah yeah yeah, I was crabby and irritable. There were some other things going on, so it was def emotional eating between health concerns for family and the fact that someone TRIED TO SUE ME, I was a bit of a grump.

But moving on.. I was out of ghee for a few days and began to dance a jig when I saw the FedEx dude. I’m back on track today, although I did go over  my sugar intake as I drank a whole young coconut +flesh all by myself. So damn tasty.

After work out #1 I was majorly craving ghee and somehow got this idea to put it into a smoothie. Here’s the recipe:

-Fresh blueberries
-MSM powder
-Bee pollen
-Vanilla stevia
-Almond Milk
-Coconut oil
So what do I think? Very yum at first, but you have to drink it quick or it turns into this jelly like drink. It was uber satisfying but I would tone down the fat next time and omit the coconut oil. 
Thats it for now. I have school work, housework and mommy work to tackle. 

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