Ginger Apple Cinnamon Detox Drink/Zombies/Cheesecake Factory/Water Kefir

—Originally posted on Blogger in August 2013—

That was quite the long title. Let’s start with the drink recipe:

Did you know the apple belongs to the Rose family of plants? Interesting. Here is a link to a great article about the health benefits of apples

Here is some info about Cinammon: from
Cinammon may reduce inflammation, have antioxidant effects, and fight bacteria and it is super yummy. 

Ginger- great for digestion!! More info at:

Green tea:

Without further ado:
Cheesecake Factory? I went for the first time yesterday with my lovely sisters. We went to Ann Taylor for a free makeover/party thingy where Juice Beauty was demoing products and we received a free birchbox (box full of Juice Beauty products). Great stuff. Had a wonderful relaxing time with the girls.

Zombies? Tomorrow, my sister Erika and my friend Maylin, and I are making our debut at getting chased by zombies in Seattle. 5k .

Water kefir? Just received my order of the kefir crystals I have my first batch brewing on my kitchen counter. I will update more as we see how that progresses.


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